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Carole spends long hours in her studio developing and perfecting ways to add to her repertoire. Her success is evident in her popularity with the buying public. Her work is represented in private collections in Europe, North America, Asia and Southern Africa. Her largest volume of work is represented in private, government and corporate collections in Australia. Carole is also very appreciative of the support she receives, and this is evident in the generous donations she pledges from some of the income earned from her art. For example, in 1998, Carole donated $9000-00, of the $25 000-00 she earned from an exhibition, to the Murdoch Hospice and St. Patrick's in Fremantle. Carole recently held her 15th solo exhibition, "In a Mind's Eye XV" and it was a huge success. She has appeared in the very up market "Insite Autumn 2010 Magazine" by Scoop Publishing in the "Gallery Choice" section which featured her exhibition "In a Mind's Eye XV" in the Top 5 (P205) out of 40 accredited galleries around Perth - "Curators select their favourite works from Autumn Exhibitions." Please visit the Gallery Page to view the recently exhibited pieces.

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